Book an Infrared Sauna Session in Medford, OR

Do you want to experience the health benefits of saunas? Holistic Path for Wellness has cutting-edge infrared saunas so you can get the most out of your time in the sauna. We offer individual sessions or an infrared sauna package, so call us at our location in Medford, OR, to schedule a time that works for you.  

How Do Infrared Saunas Work?

While a traditional sauna uses hot stones & steam to heat your body from the outside, an infrared sauna uses a series of panels that radiate a dry heat, so your body heats from the inside out. The results are the same. Your body sweats and the sweat helps remove toxins from your body much like drinking water after a massage. And because it’s dry heat you can read a magazine or work on your phone without the damage that a wet sauna creates!

What Are The Benefits of Infrared Saunas?

If you frequently visit saunas, then you know how beneficial they can be. Regular visits to a sauna can help you relax, sleep better, detox your system, relieve sore muscles and joint pain, and improve your circulation. People with Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, arthritis, and a number of other chronic conditions GREATLY benefit from regular sauna use.

If you haven’t been in a sauna before, you may want to keep your infrared sauna session to around 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to bring water to keep yourself hydrated. There is a walk-in shower available after your sauna session to help your body cool back down. Towels, bathrobes & slippers are provided.

What Sauna Packages Do We Offer?

If you’re a first-timer or just want to try out our saunas, your first 15 minutes are free. Then you can purchase sessions by the minute or buy a package and receive 20 minutes free! We have a one-person sauna for just $1/minute, or a sauna for two for just $1.50/minute. Our one-person package is $100 for 120 minutes and our two-person package is only $150 for 120 minutes.

For more information about our saunas, call Holistic Path for Wellness at (541) 414-0503, or send us a message through our contact page.