A Collective of Practitioners

Helping YOU help your body heal itself

YOUR Holistic Path for Wellness

Helping YOU help your BODY heal itself. 

Holistic Path for Wellness is a multi-modality collective of practitioners working together to ensure you the best possible care. We INTEGRATE your care to assure you the best possible opportunity to heal.
At Holistic Path for Wellness our practitioners are committed to providing well-rounded, multi-dimensional care. If needed, we have a vast network of referral providers to aid in your healing.
Many of our classes at Holistic Path for Wellness are therapeutic and many of our class instructors also offer private sessions. Check the “Classes” link for a complete list of classes offered at Holistic Path for Wellness! Book classes here!

May Upcoming events

May 17 – Himalayan Singing Bowls 1pm, 4pm, 7pm. Saturday May 18 at 10am. ($30/person)

May 19 - Finding Wholeness & Balance through Voice Work, Breathwork, and Sound Healing! with Shelley Brechtel & Heather Hutton. 6pm - 8pm - ($45/person)

May 19 - Shamanic Journey with Ernie Flores. Topic TBA

May 30 - Reiki I with Jolee Munson  Part One - 9am - 11:30

June 6 Reiki I with Jolee Munson - Part Two - 9am to 11:30



Pet ReikiNew service available
Pet Reiki
Reiki also holds immense potential for addressing emotional and behavioral issues in animals. Many animals experience anxiety, fear, or trauma due to past experiences or environmental stressors. Reiki provides a safe and nurturing space for animals to release emotional blockages, find inner peace, and cultivate a sense of trust and security. This can be particularly valuable for rescue animals or those who have undergone traumatic experiences, helping them overcome past traumas and rebuild confidence.

Schedule an appointment here: Schedule Appointment here

   Space available!!



12 sauna sessions for only $149
Looking for Infrared Saunas in Medford OR? Experience our private Infrared Sauna and enjoy a refreshing shower after your session in our large walk-in shower.
Saunas may be beneficial for many medical conditions including Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Detoxification. Towels are provided. Remember to bring water!




Sheila W Oct 05, 2022

I’m impressed by Holistic Path and Wellness Center. The center is cozy, welcoming and clean. I was there late so it was pretty quiet. It has ample, easy parking in a very safe feeling location. Jennifer is a talented massage therapist. She surprises me how she connects with issues going on with body and directs and focuses on the area, even if I don’t realize the starting point of my discomfort yet, she finds it! She is very friendly, calm and knowledgeable. I will absolutely continue to support. I’m curious to look into some of the clinic’s class offerings.

Nan Henderson


This is a wonderful new business in Medford, with a great array of healing modalities. I *highly* recommend trying the far infrared sauna!

Reighly Shinkle


I love the energy at Holistic Path ! Jen is an amazing massage therapist. I’m excited to adventure out and try other services they offer .

Sheila Wanamaker


I just started taking classes with Nolan and was instantly comfortable. He has a nice way of quietly and patiently teaching with such heart. I am excited that I found his class. He has a thoughtful and knowledgeable teaching style.

Sheila Wanamaker


Venue Review
The space for classes is amazing! I am thinking this community approach Holistic Path For Wellness is using is a success. I'm so happy I am able to have massages with Jenn and take classes from Nolan in one place.



Since moving to the valley I struggled to find a good massage therapist. Jennifer was incredible. I really enjoyed my deep tissue massage. I'll definitely be back. Thank You.